Saturday, January 1, 2011

Google Chrome CR-48 Full File Access

Just today, I loaded some new songs on my Sansa e250 mp3 player, and I later realized that I had a duplicate song. I had just turned off my Windows desktop, and I'm lazy, so I ended up trying to figure out how to delete the file from the device with my CR-48. With a little exploring, I figured it out in a jiffy:
1. Follow my previous post (it's right before this one) on how to get into the dev mode terminal.
2. Type dir /media
3. Then type cd -P (whichever device seems like the right one, without these parentheses. Make sure to be using correct capitalization throughout this process, or lack thereof)
4. Then type dir. A list of files from that device should come up.
5. After you've determined which file you want to delete, type sudo rm (file, without parentheses)

There ya go, deletion completed. A little message about admins and whatever should also come up after deletion, but it doesn't mean there was an error. Happy chroming! :)